Monday, January 30, 2012

First finish of 2012

I finally finished stitching Poinsettia House by Little House Needleworks, the January Year of the Smalls project.  I'm probably the last person taking part in the Year of the Smalls to finish, but at least it's finished, which I can't say about all of my projects :-)  It was a very enjoyable stitch, as all Little House projects are.

Next up is to do the prework on the Sturbridge Box stitcherama project which starts on Saturday.  Since I'll be working on that for the next couple of weeks I decided not to do the February Year of the Small project.  And who knows when I'll get back to my WIPocalypse projects.  So many projects, so little time!

Monday, January 23, 2012

IHSW Weekend

It was a perfect weekend to hunker down for my first IHSW weekend.  Several friends were supposed to come over for a stitching day on Saturday, but snow prevented some of them from attending.  The 'determined to stitch' prize goes to Paula and Denise who drove from Maine to NH in the snow :-)  We had a great day stitching, laughing, and eating the great food they brought with them. There's nothing better than a stitching day with friends.

I spent most of the weekend working on Pointsettia House, my January Year of the Small project. I finished everything but the outer border, which I hope to finish up early this week.

As soon as I finish this one up I need to get started on the prework for the Sturbridge Box Stitcherama that Nataly and I signed up for.  It starts on February 4th.  It's a beautiful project and I'm really looking forward to working on it.

Of course, this means my WIPocalypse projects may be on hold for a bit.  Guess that's how they got to be UFO/WIP's!

Monday, January 9, 2012

WIPocalypse - January update

I only had time to work on one project this week:

A Petit Sampling Etui
January 1st

A Petit Sampling Etui
January 9th:

This might not look like much progress to the casual observer, but I finished all of the queen stitch flowers in the border, the first row of the alphabet, and started the second row.  Since the alphabet is over one and I can only stitch it when I haven't been staring at a computer screen all day I'm actually pleased with my progress. 

For the next update I hope to be finished with this square and well under way on the next one. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Additional WIPocalypse projects and 2012 Year of the Smalls

I found the additional projects I wanted to add to my WIPocalypse list (we don't need to talk about how many other UFO's I found with them)

Everything Under the Sun chatelaine, by Moss Creek Designs

Hedgerow Birds by Blackbird Designs
I miscounted the bottom section of this and need to take it out and restitch it :-(

That gives me 15 projects for the WIPocalypse.  A much nicer number than 13, don't you think?

Since I didn't like the idea of having 14 BAP's and none of the small projects that I now prefer to work on I decided to join the 2012 Year of Smalls.  That will give me a nice small project to work on in between the big ones.  The January project is Pointsettia House by LHN, which I've already ordered and will start as soon as it arrives.

And now off to do some WIPocalypse stitching.  Oh boy!