Monday, February 20, 2012

IHSW Weekend

This past weekend was the International Hermit & Stitch Weekend, my favorite weekend of the month. I had a busy weekend, and not as much time for stitching as I hoped.  I decided on Sunday afternoon that I hadn't spent enough time stitching, so I ignored the housework and the laundry and spent much of the afternoon and early evening stitching.  I made good progress on my Sturbridge Box project.  I managed to finish the top and started on the first side. 

This has been a fun project to work on so far.  Now that I finished the top I think the rest of the stitching will go quickly.

Now I'm off to get see what others have been working on .... in between loads of laundry.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

nook cover

Last weekend I finished a cover for my sister's color nook.  She has a hard cover that's become dirty and she couldn't get it clean anymore, but she liked the protection that it provided. So I made a cover for the hard cover, that can be removed and washed (or replaced) when necessary.  The only patterns that I could find for nooks were soft covers that provided no protection, so I made this up.  Next time I think I might do a couple of things differently, but it's ok for a first attempt.

I think I'll make one for myself, but with cross stitching on the front cover.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WIPocalypse 2012 - February Update

It's hard to believe how quickly the last month flew by!  Last week the Sturbridge Box stitcherama started and I've added that project to my WIPocalypse list.  I'd hoping to concentrate on it until the stitching is finished.  We'll see how that works out ;-)  Sorry about the fuzzy picture.

The only other WIPocalypse project I worked on this month was one night on the linen band bookmark.

Off to look at everyone's progress.  I love seeing what people are working on.