2012 Year of the Smalls

2012 has been declared the Year of the Smalls, which is all the incentive I needed to forget my previous goal of working only on my WIP and stash projects this year. I love stitching smalls, and though I resisted for a day or two when I first saw Laura’s blog posting once I saw the January project I ordered it within minutes. I rationalized it by coming up with a new plan J I’ll work on my WIPocalypse projects for most of the month, and squeeze in a beautiful new small project in between. Sounds reasonable to me!

The January Project is Pointsettia House by Little House Needleworks, which I received in the mail Friday and hope to finish this week.

Finished stitching Poinsettia House at the end of January.  It was a very enjoyable project to stitch, although it did take quite a bit more time than I expected.

In February I was concentrating on Sturbridge Box, so didn't work on the February small. 

I enjoyed stitching the March small by Blackbird Designs, which I finished as a scissor pocket.

This wasn't an 'official' Year of the Smalls project, but since it is pretty small, and I did finish it I think it still counts.  This is one of the Quaker Pincushions by Jeannette Douglas.  I bought it at Celebration of Needlework and finished it in a couple of days.  When I assemble it I will be putting it on the cute pincushion stand by Olde Colonial Designs.


I started and finished the April small project in June.  This was a fun stitch.  One of the ladies on the blog finished hers in a cute way that I might copy.

 Tisket A Tasket - Little by Little

I finished the May project in June too.  This one is my favorite small so far:

Flower Pot Sampler - From the Heart

Right after I finished stitching this to match my bedroom I ended up getting a new comforter in a different color :-(  It was such an easy stitch I may do it again in the suggested colors, which would match my 'new' bedroom perfectly.

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