Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympic Stitching

I decided to join Measi of WIPocalypse 2012 and a few others for an Olympic Stitchalong.

I'll be 'competing' in the Rotation Relay and Finish Line events.

Rotation Relay - I've never actually worked a rotation before, I usually just pick up and stitch whatever I feel like working on, so we'll see how it goes.  I'm thinking of working a 3-4 hour rotation on the following projects:

Hedgerow Birds - Blackbird Designs
C of A's Pyn Pillow and Scissor Fob - Eileen Bennett
Shaker Pincushion - Victoria Sampler

If I finish any of these I'll add the Bluebird Tree by Gerda Bengtsson to the rotation.

Finish Line - I have 15 stitched but not finished projects to pick from. My goal is to finish 10-12 of them.

I'll post progress pictures of the Rotation projects during the WIPocalypse updates, and finishes as they occur during the next few weeks.

But before I really get started on this I need to finish up the exchange gift I'm working on.  I expect to finish that today.

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