Works in Progress

Problem focusing?  Who me?  This is just my cross stitch list :-(  I have a similar number of sewing/quilting projects waiting for my attention

Many of these projects are close to completion.  Others have been sitting around for years, but I still hope to get back to them and complete them someday.

A Christmas Motif Sampler - JBW Designs
A Petit Sampling Etui - Collaboration
Blue Ribbon Winner - Paula Vaughn
Bluebird Tree - Gerda Bengtsson
C of A's Pyn-Pillow and Scissor Fob - Eileen Bennett
Castleton Mini Sampler - Earth Threads
Embellishments - Cross N Patch
Everything Under the Sun Heirloom Chatelaine - Moss Creek Designs
Gone Birding - Crossed Wing Collection
Hedgerow Birds - Blackbird Designs
My Stitching Album - Jeannette Douglas Designs
Pineapple Stitches - Jeannette Douglas Designs
Springtime Carnation Sewing Purse - Tristan Brooks Designs
Stitch Notebook - Still Stitching
Sunflower Pin Poppet - Wee Works
Take Time To Stitch - Jeannette Douglas Designs
The Butterfly Garden - Needlecrafts Unlimited
Snowman Fob - Heart in Hand Needleart
Wedding Day - Sue Hillis Designs
Winter Fobs - Heart in Hand Needleart