Monday, January 2, 2012

Additional WIPocalypse projects and 2012 Year of the Smalls

I found the additional projects I wanted to add to my WIPocalypse list (we don't need to talk about how many other UFO's I found with them)

Everything Under the Sun chatelaine, by Moss Creek Designs

Hedgerow Birds by Blackbird Designs
I miscounted the bottom section of this and need to take it out and restitch it :-(

That gives me 15 projects for the WIPocalypse.  A much nicer number than 13, don't you think?

Since I didn't like the idea of having 14 BAP's and none of the small projects that I now prefer to work on I decided to join the 2012 Year of Smalls.  That will give me a nice small project to work on in between the big ones.  The January project is Pointsettia House by LHN, which I've already ordered and will start as soon as it arrives.

And now off to do some WIPocalypse stitching.  Oh boy!

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