Friday, December 30, 2011

WIPocalypse List

I finally got a list together of the projects I'm planning to work on for Measi's WIPocalypse for 2012:

A Petit Sampling Etui - Collaboration
Working on this as a stitchalong with Nataly and a few others

Blue Ribbon Winner - Paula Vaughn
Started many years ago as a gift.  Guess it's a little late ;-)

Bluebird Tree - Gerda Bengtsson
Not the real name, but not sure what the translation is

C of A's Pyn-Pillow and Scissor Fob - Eileen Bennett
very old Class Project

Embellishments - Cross N Patch
can't find the chart at the moment, but I will

Gone Birding - Crossed Wing Collection
Barely started. Over 1, this is the project that made me realize my eyes were getting old

Grandmas Garden Sewing Kit - Stitching Treasures
Class Project May 2011

Linen Band Sampler Bookmark - Eventide Designs
Found this when looking for my other WIP's.  Nice to have something small to work on

My Stitching Album - Jeannette Douglas Designs
Finished cover, back and first sampler - LONG way to go

Shaker Pincushion - The Victoria Sampler
Retreat Project - October 2011

Take Time To Stitch - Jeannette Douglas Designs
Almost finished with this one, might concentrate on it first and get a finish to brag about

The Butterfly Garden - Needlecrafts Unlimited
VERY old class project, barely started

Wedding Day - Sue Hillis Designs
Not finished in time for the wedding I was going to. Thought I might stitch it up and have it standing by to fill in the name/date for the next wedding I go to :-)

A few of my projects have gone missing since I moved, but I'm sure they'll turn up soon. I'll add these to the list when I find them.  I'll have plenty to work on until then :-)

Everything Under the Sun Heirloom Chatelaine - Moss Creek Designs
Hedgerow Birds - Blackbird Designs
Springtime Carnation Sewing Purse - Tristan Brooks Designs

I'd like to tell you that this is all of my UFO's/WIP's but unfortunately that's not true.  Since I'm very unlikely to finish all of these I'll be happy if I can finish a few and make progress on the rest.


  1. Great list and I will crack the whip to keep you moving! Just Kidding!! I look forward to many more stitching days together to weed through our lists!

  2. I feel so much better about my retreat piece now. You are in the same boat.:)