Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April WIPocalypse Update

A little late with my update this month, but do have something to show.  I finished the first square of the Petit Sampling Etui:

I also finished the stitching for the lid of the Sturbridge Box, which I posted about previously.

After spending weeks stitching over one I decided to give myself a break and start something easy.  I chose Gentle Stitches by Shakepeare's Peddler, which I hope to finish and post this coming weekend.  Then back to work on WIP's.

Off I go to look at what everyone else has been working on.  Happy stitching!


  1. So pretty! I remember how good I felt when I finally finished the first block. I stopped calculating my hours at about 32 hours on the finish because when I was ripping out to re-do neater I didn't want to include that time. Also, the majority of my stitching is done while watching TV so it is not done with total concentration. My best guess would be 35 to 40 hours but would bet a second time and others could do it faster! The finishing instructions were pretty decent too. Good luck and I will be anxious to watch your progress. Robin (Crafting with the Stitch Witch blog)

  2. Thanks, Robin. It did feel good to get the first block done, and I think it's the most intensive one, so hopefully the others will go a little quicker. It's good to know that the finishing intructions are pretty good. But it's still pretty intimidating! Yours looks beautiful!

  3. That block is so sweet, Carol. Congratulations! Look forward to seeing Gentle Stitches :)


  4. I am working on the first block now. One other block is finished and definitely was easier than this one! I will be watching with interest!!

  5. that is such a sweet design - can't wait to see the other blocks