Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Celebration of Needlework

I just spent a fantastic weekend with my best stitching buddies at Celebration of Needlework in Nashua NH. We had a fabulous time stitching, laughing until it hurts, and shopping.  And shopping some more.  Since it's only 5 minutes from my home to the hotel I rationalized that meant I could use the money I would have spent on a hotel room for stash!!  I came home each night and emptied my shopping bag out on the dining room table so I could ogle and fondle all my wonderful new stuff.  I'm a very lucky, very greedy girl, so by Saturday night the table was covered.  Wanna see??

Lots of beautiful linens


Pincushion stand from Olde Colonial

Lots of new charts, many with floss packs to go with them

a new oval hoop and some cute stitch starters in various sizes

adorable stitcher's companion and project pack

a wool applique project

Gazelle frame with Love is Patient project by Victoria Sampler, that I won at the secret auction to raise money for the fight against breast cancer.

I also took one class by Barbara Jackson called Williamsburg Tray.  I'll be adding this to my WIPocalypse list.  Which reminds me ... I was lucky enough to meet Melissa, the hostess of our 2012 WIPocalypse.  She was working on the most amazing orange overdyed fabric.  I can't wait to see her finished project.

When I look back at all these pictures I'm a little embarrassed at my greediness, but I only lose control like this once a year, so I'll probably get over it before next year's event.

After 3 days of stitching with my friends I certainly got my stitching mojo back.  I've wanted to do nothing but stitch since I got home.  But I already miss stitching with them, and hope we can all get together again very soon.


  1. Love the way your mind rationalizes the stash purchase - I'd have done the same thing. Impressive haul - congrats!

  2. I LOVE the stash! I didn't realize you picked up so much fabric! Makes for a beautiful, colorful photograph. I have missed you all since I've been home and eagerly look forward to our next stitching time together.

  3. It was wonderful to meet you, Carol! And congrats on the floor stand win - I'm jealous!

    The fabric I'm working on is Picture-This-Plus' Solar. It's so obnoxiously gaudy that I have to love it. :)

    Hope we'll run into each other again - maybe Celebration next year, if not earlier!

  4. @Measi - Melissa, it was great meeting you. I look forward to seeing how that witch looks on that amazing fabric. If you're ever up in this area feel free to get in touch for some stitching time. I only live a few minutes from the hotel.

    @Stacey - The bottom row of fabric was a package of 9x9 pieces that are beautiful colors.

    @Denise - If you every find yourself in need of rationalizations let me know. I've got quite a few ;-)