Monday, May 7, 2012

May WIPocalypse update

I noticed on Friday that the WIPocalypse update was on the weekend and I realized that I hadn't worked on any of my WIP's for weeks :-(    Oh well, at least I managed to get a day of stitching in, and I made much better progress than I expected: 
This is Grandma's Garden Sewing Kit by Linda Duree.  It was a class I took last year at Celebration of Needlework.  The last time I worked on it I had to unstitch a few areas, but I finally finished that and was able to complete many of the flowers this weekend.  I was surprised at how quickly it went once I spent some time on it.  The stitching was fun and easy, and I have no idea why it's been sitting around waiting for attention for so long.  The siren call of new projects I guess.  I am determined to finish the stitching by next month's update.  Then I'm going to start looking for a 12-step program for those who finish stitching but never actually finish the projects themselves.

I also finished a couple of non-WIP projects while I was at Celebrations:

Gentle Touches by Shakespeare's Peddler

Quaker Pincushion by Jeannette Douglas


  1. Gorgeous stitching as always!! Can't wait to see your quaker pincushion resting on your pincushion stand :))

  2. I love, love, love all three of these WIPs!!!! Gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful stitching! If you find that 12 step program let me know. :)

  4. Love Grandma's Garden, can't wait to see how it is finished.
    Looked like you got some wonderful new stash at the show. What a fun way to spend your hotel money.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  5. Good report, like you I didn't stitch much this past month.

  6. Your projects are lovely, such pretty stitching.